Gerben Mos second in Bartje 200

After winning in 2018 and 2019, Gerben Mos did not step on top of the podium in the Bartje 200 today. A strong Jasper Ockeloen broke away after approximately 80 kilometers of racing, followed by Mos, Thijs Zonneveld, Lennart van … Continue reading

Karen Brouwer en Ramses Bekkenk on the gravel around circuit Zandvoort

Last weekend Karen and Ramses visited the gravel around Circuit Zandvoort. The first race from the NL Gravel series was on the program there. Ramses determined the course from the start, but unfortunately had to pass in the final and … Continue reading

Rozanne Slik third in Willingen

Under tough conditions, Rozanne Slik finished third yesterday in Willingen in the 120 kilometer long mountain bike marathon. “I deliberately chose my own pace from the start in the first 54km loop and let the later winner Katrin Schwing go … Continue reading

Gerben Mos second in the Epic 200

Yesterday in Maredsous, Belgium, Gerben Mos finished in second place behind winner Joris Massaer after nine hours and seventeen minutes. Both men were part of the leading group from the start, which originally consisted of five men. Mos was able … Continue reading

Tim Smeenge wins, Rozanne Slik second in Sundern

In Sundern, Germany, Tim Smeenge rode to his second win of the season in the SKS marathon yesterday, beating Germans Peter Hermann and Christian Kreuchler. Where Smeenge crossed the finish line solo, his teammate Rozanne Slik had to squeeze in … Continue reading